How long can I stay in CorpStrat, and when does it make sense to move in an operational or P&L role?

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Hi Everyone,

Little bit of background: I did my undergrad in math/stats, then did my masters at a top target. I did two years of internships during, of which 2 at BBs in IB.

I started at a FAANG in Sales about 2 years ago and moved to a Strategy Analyst role after a year. I'm loving the work, I love my boss and don't see myself leaving anytime soon. I'm also - based on performance reviews - quite good at the job, and on fast track consistently for promotions.

My question is when it makes sense to stop doing internal strategy and move into an operational role. I really enjoy my job as said and I'm doing well, but I can imagine that there is a glass ceiling with being in corporate strategy.

Am I overthinking this, or is this a fair assumption?

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Jun 12, 2019

Hi DatesExcelModels, no, I never sleep and so I can respond to any lonely threads (like this one) at all hours of the night. Impressive, I know ;-)

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Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Jun 15, 2019

Also curious since I'm in a similar situation

Jun 15, 2019

At a F100, my VP told me to move to a new role every 2-4 years. You need to develop in breadth. Just my .02.

Jun 15, 2019

I agree with 2-4 years comment. I wouldn't overthink it early in your career. A mobility problem arises only if you stay too long in one area as seniority and skill level will not match - always exceptions, though. To give you a point of reference, most people who want make the move to an internal P/L role do it within five years at my current company.

I would also have an open discussion with your manager about career goals when you are comfortable. They know there isn't necessarily room or desire for everyone to become a strategy manager/director so they should be supportive for most moves. Moreover, the more contacts strategy has in product and BD/sales, the easier it will be for them to collaborate on projects.

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Jun 17, 2019

What do you mean between seniority and skill level? As in, that you develop at some point you'll be getting promoted beyond your capabilities if you stay in the same role/line of work?

Jun 17, 2019

I lost my longer response but essentially you become too expensive and lack the skills to go into product, marketing, BD, or wherever else P/L is managed compared to someone at the same level who is already in the business. I've talked to a few people at my firm and others, and I've concluded that this mobility problem is cemented around the senior director/director level. And to clarify, my five year comment reflects the end of the typical range of when people make the move at my firm and isn't reflective of some hard or soft deadline.

Also, let me state a couple caveats. First, there are more instances of exceptions in certain industries, financial services comes to mind, and companies as well as for rockstar individuals who are deemed c-suite material. Firms will go out of their way to make positions for these types of employees even if there are no openings. Second, if corporate strategy even occasionally manages end to end commercialization of any new products/services and doesn't hand off to product too soon, then the team is functioning essentially within a product capacity. You would have a case to move to product whenever you want at that point.

Jun 18, 2019