How long can you keep your High-School Extracurriculars on your resume?

As a first-year student, I am involved in university extracurriculars, but only at introductory levels (interning). I obviously include university positions in my resume, but my strongest executive positions and achievements are still from high-school. The high-school extracurriculars are the strongest parts of my resume, yet I am afraid that keeping those old positions might give an impression that I still have not moved on from high-school...

As a university student, how long can you keep your high-school extracurriculars on your resume?

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Jan 18, 2018

Give your Resume the quick glance test. In my experience, as I got more legitimate work experience/extra-curriculars throughout college there came a point where my High School achievements just looked insignificant and took up space. If you're still a freshman and don't have a long list of college level activities and work experience to fill your resume with - consider leaving your most impressive HS achievements on. But once you get to be a junior/senior you should have enough college-level activities to outweigh your HS nonsense, unless you were like a national chess champion or something.

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Jan 19, 2018

@MJ The Yeet God" makes sense; thanks for the advice!!

Jan 19, 2018

Just do whatever makes your resume look the best (duh). By that I mean if you were to omit your high school activities and as a result it left your resume way too basic and half a page then that is worse than having a full resume with somewhat dated experiences.

There is no hard rule though. I actually put two things from high school in the 'personal' section of my resume, just because they showed a lot about my character and interests. One of the bullet points legit got me an offer, because it stood out a lot and was a great talking point in every interview.

Just be smart. You got this.

Jan 21, 2018

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