How long does MNPI last for?

Long story short - I work for a private investment firm that had been discussing a take-private with an independent sponsor for about a year and a half. The deal has gone through several iterations over this time, but we killed it ~6 months ago (at least we passed, not sure if the independent sponsor is still working on it) and haven't engaged with it since.

Now I'm recruiting for public markets roles and have been thinking about pitching the target company - it's actually quite a good business trading at a really compelling valuation. Problem is, I obviously at one point had MNPI (e.g. board materials and management model) and am not sure if the transaction has officially died or if we'd just passed on our end. Would I get in trouble trying to pitch this? Has anybody pitched a broken deal target before?

PS - under ordinary circumstances I would just try to find another target but I have near-term interviews and it's hard to find real value in the public markets at the moment, especially in tech (where I'm focused).

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