How long will it take for someone to reasonably get rich ?

Hey guys just wondering what is a reasonable goal for wealth and the amount of time it will take on average if you're driven ? I know this is a very vague question but I'm wondering how many millions should someone aim for or should they just shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land on the stars or is it better to have a specific goal to keep your mind focused and driven ? I'm 17 and dead set on becoming rich/wealthy and hopefully by the time I'm 30/40 could possibly have a net worth of $$$5-10mm+++ is this reasonable and what are my chances if I work my ass off ? Should I aim higher ? Also what would you recommend for my profession ? Not really down to become a Doctor, Lawyer ext because of the huge student loans, long ass education and the fact I probably won't be able to retire early ... Would some sort of investment banker be a good idea but I don't think that's for me to be honest, entrepreneurship is probably the best way to go right ? Any advice, motivation, suggested books would be greatly appreciated !

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