How many of you have gotten fired or are scared of getting fired?

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It goes without saying that Finance is an exceptionally competitive industry and therefore the bar is usually set pretty high from an expectations perspective, which is exacerbated by limited room for error given how many intelligent people and "A-type perfectionist" personalities are prevalent throughout the industry.

So my question is how many of you have either been fired from your Banking or Corporate Finance job or are scared that one fuck up will cost you your job?

I feel it's an honest conversation that probably doesn't happen enough.

If anybody has been fired or are scared of getting fired , what strategies did you use bounce back?

I'm kind of going through a place of low self confidence after my last job didn't work out and am just looking for any advice!

Tldr: Finance is competitive, how many of you have been fired and how did you overcome it.

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Jan 16, 2020