How many people work in S&T in each BB?

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People often tell me it's better to work at JPM Markets or Citi Markets than GS Securities because of the difference in the balance sheet and revenues, but I feel like this figure isn't normalized with respect to how many people work at each bank... If one bank made 10 times the revenues of another but had 100 times as many people, for example, I feel like you have more potential in a career at the bank with fewer people. I know the revenues of each BB and I know the total number of employees (e.g. JPM is 250k+ and Citi is 200k+ where GS is around 36k), but I feel like this is very much distorted by the fact that Chase Bank and Citibank have a much larger consumer banking business than GS. Does anyone know how many S&T people each BB approximately recruit?

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Mar 2, 2019