How many pre-MBA ACs/Associates/BAs at MBB?

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Just wondering if anyone can comment on the total number of pre-MBA hires (total or per year) at each of the MBB. I would imagine McKinsey has a much larger number than Bain, which has a larger number than BCG (diamond structure)?

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Apr 30,2013

From what I understand, McKinsey probably hires the least despite being the biggest. Bain has a 50/50 model, and BCG is more in the middle of both, although they too hire more consultants than associates. On a percentage of total hires, I would say Bain >>> BCG > McKinsey

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Apr 30,2013

Really?? One McKinsey office (that I'm familiar with) is definitely more bottom-heavy than BCG. Might be an exception? Any McKinsey people with more info?

Apr 30,2013

A friend of mine got into a McKinsey office in the East Coast, and the ratio of the newly hired analysts to associates is about 1 to 3.

Apr 30,2013

pretty sure that ratio-wise BCG has the most MBAs to pre-MBAs, then McKinsey, then Bain. In absolute numbers though... Bain's class is still pretty small given that they are a smaller firm than both BCG and McKinsey

Source: had offers from all 3 MBBs and went to their sell weekends

Apr 30,2013

Bain is "pyramid" structured, BCG is diamond structured, McKinsey is a mix (about 50:50)

May 31,2013