How marketable is it to be an Econ major?

I just finished up my sophomore year majoring in economics at a non-target school. From people that I've met, I keep getting the advice to switch to finance or statistics because economics won't get me where I wanna be (leaning towards market research/banking). Thankfully I've been able to have internship experience in financial analytics and compliance as well as an externship in market research for the energy sector. However, I am concerned about my ability to market myself in finance when my major is more theoretical/academic than practical. Obviously coming from a non-target isn't the greatest but my GPA is "ok" (3.5). Would anyone recommend adding minors in stats or finance? Would it make me more marketable? Also any advice on getting my foot in the door despite coming from a less than stellar school? I've had success and am in the recruitment process at Bloomberg, however, I rather be working in banking but so far no luck!