I was not a fan of either presidential nominee in this election but it brings to light a though provoking theme:

Because of technology and its clutching grip of being intertwined in our lives in an unprecedented way, the public (or hackers) are able to access all information of things we've said, thought, Googled, or tried to hide from the public eye. I find it fascinating that every part of what used to be more secretive is now available to the public (whether it is real news or not).

What type of dirt would older famous and infamous presidents have on them if all their confidential emails, texts, tweets, and conversations could be disclosed to the public the way that Hillary and DTrumps have been to the public? The technology didn't even exist during a Nixon presidency and he still managed to almost* have himself impeached.

JFK had affairs while in office, his snapchats would have been level 10 awesome

New claims have surfaced today that have taken the news, well the fake news, by storm stating that our Cheese Puff Commander-in-Chief was in collusion with Russia, and also had an affair while staying at, what appears to be, a super overpriced Russian hotel in the Moscow.

All I know is that I don't think I could even run for President after things I've typed in email, text, GroupMe, snapchat or anything else in confidence it wouldn't be shared with the entire world...

i think the way in which we look into information shared about presidents and presidential nominees has forever changed, food for thought

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Yeah although I am opposed to Trump for policy reasons, I have made the point in conversation in his defense that if JFK were running today/in office it would make what everyone is getting in hysterics about look like the Disney Channel.

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