Wanted an opinion...i recently had a final round at a great company. It was my 3rd interview for an entry-level sales position. I met all the sales managers and was told by HR that i was pretty much a shoe-in and just had to wait for a spot to open. A few days later, HR contacted me and said the bosses wanted me to fill out the online application asap and take a quick personality survey. (i was referred so never actually applied online)

I believe I should get the offer, but do you think that a certain outcome on the survey will kill my chances. It was one of those "there are no right or wrong answers" survey.

If they've already met with me several times and pretty much went through every question possible, do you think I could still mess it up if the personality test result does not fit their preferred candidate profile?

Or was the test just a formality that all applicants have to take?

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I'm definitely not qualified to answer this question, but I would think that, unless the survey made you seem psychopathic, you should be fine.
Good Luck!

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