How much does non-prestigious undergrad matter if everything else is good?

I'm currently a senior at a (barely) top 100 undergrad. I fortunately managed to land a FT job at a top MM IB and will graduate with above a 3.9. Making best case assumptions that I am able to land a PE job and get a solid GMAT, how much do you think the lack of undergrad prestige will hurt me when it comes to getting into an M7. Thanks!

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Feb 9, 2019

Where you attended undergrad is just one of many pieces of the holistic evaluation that comprises MBA admissions. With a 3.9 you should be well positioned. A solid (730+ GMAT) will further demonstrate your academic chops.

Beyond that...look for opportunities to take on stretch projects at work so you can develop the skills and knowledge that will set you up for success post-MBA.

Also seek out roles either inside of work or with outside organizations that will enable you to hone your leadership skills.

There is a lot more to an MBA candidate than the university name on an undergrad transcript.

In fact, when I was visiting Stanford GSB as part of the annual AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants) annual conference in 2017, Kirsten Moss, cited several outstanding GSB students who had attended less prestigious undergrad institutions. However, they made significant impact where they were and, early in their career, had begun to develop the leadership skills that had set them up to 'Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World.'

Your undergrad will soon be behind you. What you do over the next 3-4 years before you apply to M7 schools is what can set you up for acceptances.

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Feb 9, 2019

Thank you for the in depth reply!

Feb 10, 2019

Linda Abraham
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