How much of the sustainability, green bond, renewable etc. movement is smoke and mirrors?

It seems like every single Company is now focused on sUstAinaBiLity and green financing etc. because people being more supportive of environmental trends. Is anything actually changing in terms of how things are produced or is all they are doing changing the marketing and language behind ad campaigns such that it fits with current consumer trends? 

I have heard anecdotally on here that LPs and the big institutional guys (pensions etc.) are now quite concerned about what exactly they are investing in, and are requesting things like sustainability/environmental reports along with normal due diligence. It seems like a cottage industry is popping up of ex Washington think tank/academic types that are basically writing the usual garbage of "US not investing in green energy will cost the economy $27B a year by 2030" (how they got to that number and what the headline actually even means seems to be irrelevant). And there are even sustainability and corporate governance departments cropping up at many F500s. 

I feel like I am living in a weird world where nothing has really changed on the surface even though the lip service says otherwise. I find it incredibly hard to believe that we have access to the same products at roughly the same prices we did 10 years ago and yet everything is now magically "Sustainable"! 

Anyone work in the space and have any insights?

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