How much pull do MBB Partners have?

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I'm a rising junior at a target school (3.6 gpa) gunning for MBB. Basically, there's a senior partner (at MBB) that I know very well, but he is at a different office than where I'm applying to. Would he have any pull in helping me at the office I'm applying to? Also, how much pull in general do partners have in recruiting? I'm meeting with one (same firm as other senior partner) at the office to where I'm applying to next week.

Lastly, the OCR for my university recruits for a different office than I'm hoping for. Is it harder to get a different office than the once that OCR recruits for?

Thanks in advance. Any advice as well would be awesome

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Sep 9, 2019

A lot. They're still a Partner and will know/have worked with another Partner or EM level person from the office you want to apply to (unless it's an obscure office like McKinsey's Almaty office). Can't hurt to leverage the connection.

Sep 9, 2019

From my experience, personal connections like yours can definitely help in getting you an interview. However, they often don't get you much further than that (i.e. they won't get you an offer unless the senior partner has a tremendous amount of pull). It's definitely not like investment banking where you'll see someone getting an offer solely because their parent is an MD or client.

Regarding your OCR question - it is harder to get an interview/job at a different office than the ones OCR recruits for. It's not impossible, but certainly more difficult.

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Sep 11, 2019

Don't mean to hijack your thread OP - but came here curious about how much MBB and tier 2 consulting firms' partners all-in comp. Anyone happens to have a view on this?

Sep 18, 2019