How selective are they? I have experience in accounting/ibanking/consulting....but i only have a 3.3 gpa and i go to a non-target school. Are they much more focused on gpa? Do i even have a shot? Thanks

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3.3 GPA, not looking good man. Hate to be the bearer of bad news

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with that GPA, I'd look elsewhere, especially in this market


It's not the GPA that kills you - it's being from a non-target. In this market Monitor now only focuses their recruitment efforts on a very limited number of schools.


You'll have a serious uphill fight. Monitor may not be MBB but it's still a very selective/prestigious shop.


Monitor is just as selective as MBB for undergrads (maybe a little bit more so, since I believe they recruit at fewer schools).


Yea, plenty of kids from Harvard/MIT want to stay in the city for the summer with their friends.
For FT, alumni are fairly concentrated as well.

You'll definitely want to look elsewhere having a 3.3 non-target.


where would someone with around this GPA from a non-target look?

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