How should I follow up with this connection?

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So my dad has a client that is a senior VP at CBRE. He told my dad he was willing to talk to me as my dad mentioned I'm interested in CRE. I waited awhile to contact him as at the time I wasn't as interested/invested in CRE as I am now and was very busy. Anyhow, about 2 months go by and at this point I am very interested in CRE; I text the guy. He basically says that all internship positions are full but he's willing to still speak with me, he just needs to get it down on his calender. I explained I didn't know there were any internship positions he was offering and that I'd still like to speak with him. That night, I checked CBRE website to see if there were any other internships posted, and there were. I applied and texted him the following day letting him know. He basically explained that he didn't know anyone in those departments, but kind of made it seem like he would put a word in for me. That was the last time we spoke (through texts). This is about 3 weeks ago now. I never heard back from the applications I made but I still want to speak with him. Should I text him or just call him? What should I say? Thanks in advance

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Jun 12, 2018