How should i improve chances at top programs?

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I'm currently a big data consultant. My current company will sponsor most of the tuition if I decide to get an MBA (applying for class for class of 2018). I'd ultimately like to stay in big data consulting, as this is an industry that I really like, but apparently getting an MBA really raises my salary.

My Stats:
-Will be 28 by time of starting program
-Hispanic Male from VA
-GMAT: 770 (800 Quant, 730 Verbal)
-Undergrad: 3.2 GPA (lowest pt of my app IMO) Econ Major from USNWR top 8 school (historically grade deflated)
-Grad School: MSc Analytics with 4.0GPA
-Currently doing both strategy consulting and big data analytics at a consulting company right below Mck/bain/BCG (think Accenture, Deloitte S&O, BAH)
-Will get some good recs from supervisors who LOVE me
-Essays will be pretty good IMO
-Interviews will be good too (I think) since my past work evals say I speak and communicate really well

List of Schools:
Chicago Booth
Yale SOM
UVA Darden
TX McCombs
UMich Ross
Dartmouth Tuck
NW Kellogg

I'm guessing HBS/Wharton/Stanford and maybe Chicago also will be tough, but what about the rest?

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Aug 29, 2015