How should I spend this summer?

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I recently secured a summer position in the Strategy department of a Fortune Global 100 firm. I'm going to be recruiting again in the fall for full time Consulting positions; what is the best use of my summer?

I hope to join Monitor, OW, etc. (or better, if possible -- got final rounds with the firms I mentioned this season).

My background, if relevant: I'm a third year undergraduate Economics major at a top 5 public university with a 3.48 GPA and 2290 SAT. I was also an executive in a large marketing club (2 years involvement).

What do you guys think about the following? What should take precedence? Any new suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Keep in contact with recruiters from this season
  2. Learn Excel / Powerpoint and financial modeling
  3. Practice Case / Behavioral interviews
  4. Read Fortune / WSJ / FT / The Economist
  5. Create Goals
  6. Excel in my summer internship


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Mar 25, 2010

The first one is the most important. Keep in touch with recruiters, alumni, and actually meet up with a few and form relationships. It could come in handy when converting your resume into an interview. Number 3 will come in a close second.

Why are you learning financial modeling though? Are you applying to investment banking as well?

Mar 25, 2010

Do Monitor,OW,LEK recruit at your school?
I'm just wondering because I couldn't land interviews with them but got MBB... want to be prepared for FT

Mar 26, 2010

noway: It's something I've considered in the past weeks but I'm more likely to recruit solely for consulting FT. I thought it just might be an interesting/useful skill to have; would you guys consider it a time waster?

qwerety: The elite boutiques do recruit at my school... so you got MBB SA? Congrats.

Other insights?

Mar 27, 2010

No haha I wish I got MBB SA. I meant I got MBB interviews, but couldn't get the others.

I'm really liking OW FS, so I was just wondering if there was any way I could get them to look at my damn resume.

Mar 29, 2010

Figure out who the recruiter is, identify a few junior level guys and cold email them. Try to set up informational interviews and stuff as well. That will definitely get them to at least look at your resume, which might lead to a 1st round interview for FT recruiting in the fall if you play it right.

Mar 27, 2010