How strict GPA Requirements are when I apply Chicago MM firms?

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Hi. I'm a prospective Junior majoring in Statistics with 3.4 GPA from Illinois, and I would like to know how strict GPA cut lines on the job description are for Chicago Middle Market firms. I do realize that Illinois is somewhat target for Chicago MM, but if the description says 3.5 REQUIRED is this a hard cutline for applicants? Or, can I overcome that 0.1 difference by networking? FYI I'm targeting firms like Lincoln International, BMO, maybe HL, William Blair, and Baird. I appreciate in advance.

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Jul 27, 2018

Can't hurt to apply

Jul 27, 2018

Since I'm doing an extra semester (I'm also pursuing a dual degree in Agricultural & Consumer Economics), I will be involved in SA recruitment next year. Should I just start networking a year ahead?

Jul 27, 2018