How the CEOs really talk

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"A few years back on the 9th Green at Pebble Beach Golf Course I was playing a heavy hitter. When he introduced himself I found out he was a major company CEO. I recall specific moments of that conversation because the guy spoke of what it takes to be a CEO. Back then, I was frustrated, my downswing was horrible. I shanked the ball because I was hitting from the outside instead of the inside.

Where did you NOT learnt it ?" he asked me.

-I took some lessons last summer at Edgewood.

Guess what: If you don't know where your head, is you lose it. In golf, like life: you need great balance, focus. If your mind narrows to the path ahead, you lose concentration.

-So, coach [I started addressing him affectionately by "coach"], what does it take to be a CEO ? Other than balance and walking confidently on any path, no matter how narrow?

How many can you take with one hit.

-What exactly do you mean ?

Having meetings and people coming in saying their things. Obviously I can't go each way everybody wants, so I'll chose the one way that works for most. Not all.

-Let me guess: yours is the loudest voice around [in meetings, A/N].

My voice is not only the loudest, but the surest. I have to clear the air of all the fluff and smoke and mirrors.

-And who's bringing all the smoke and mirrors ?" From Real CEOs