How to ask about possible FT offer?

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I have a dilemma regarding my upcoming internship. I'm starting at an international MM/Boutique at the end of September and will be interning untill January. I really like this firm from what I've experienced during the (informational) interviews, and would ideally get an offer from this.

I just spoke with someone who told me the team hired an analyst in the mean time and won't need anymore permanent headcount for this office in the foreseeable future. How do I bring up the question of a FT offer might be possible after my internship? Also, if not possible with them, maybe the possibility of them sponsoring me for an international branch of one of their offices?

Knowing this would drastically change the way I have to recruit this season so is pretty important in the short run.


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Jul 29, 2017

Towards the second half of your internship, start speaking with some analysts and associates you work with for feedback and the possibility of working full-time. If these conversations go well (and your work product has been good), they'll either go to bat for you with more senior people, or tell you which senior people control the hiring process. Use the feedback to start a conversation with a senior member of the team - in no uncertain terms, tell them that you've really enjoyed your time at the firm and would like to continue full-time.

It's important that you start this process in the second half - you need to establish that you're a good worker and worth the offer before you start asking people about the possibility of full-time. There's a chance that your work product hasn't been up to par, or that industry conditions have changed, and you'll need feedback before making the ask.

It's also possible that given the size, politics of your firm, or other dynamics, that an offer won't be on the table for you at the end of your internship. Sometimes it's just out of your control. It's possible that your firm can refer you to another branch, but this varies wildly by bank and might just result in a few more interviews. If I were in your shoes, I'd try and manage the recruiting process while working at your internship. It's tough to balance both, but just be proactive - if you know you're going to be out two hours for interviews, have a friendly analyst cover for you and make sure your workload is clear.

It would be a bad idea to ignore recruiting, especially if you've been told there's no more room for headcount on your team.

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Jul 29, 2017