How to Break Into AM/ER (My Situation)

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Hello Folks,

Wanted to get some tips on how to break into AM/ER in the next year. I'm at a mid tier MSF program on the east coast. I could not get into any formal summer internships - recently had an ER superday at a MM bank but did not get the job. Here are my questions:

1) What kind of internships can I still try to get in the next ~4 months that can best position me for FT recruitment. Will networking/cold-calling work at this point or should I aim for lower internships (FP&A/corp finance/credit analysis)

2) How hard would it be to break into ER/AM without a formal internship. By the end of my program I should have my CFA lvl 2, a high GPA, and 2-3 informal internships. Will this be enough/will networking help or is a formal program the best way to break in?

Thanks for the help.

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