How to choose an Edinburgh letting agents

Ongoing, it's much more familiar for renters to choose the property, not the letting agent. But when Which? Went covert to inspect letting agents, we found a difference in the quality of service they offer. Where possible, do your research on letting agents, and find a good one before searching for a property.
A good letting agent will:
* Agents must have a copy of the EPC at the viewing, and being able to describe what the rating means
* Be able to provide information on the rules surrounding such as gas and electrical safety checks, and should know that a gas safety certificate be provided at the start of the tenancy.
* Fairly advertisements
* Provide detailed information of property management arrangements at viewings, including information of the landlord, who will be managing the property & be an informative and happy to answer important questions about the property.
Hope this will help you to choose the right Edinburgh letting agents

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Mar 9, 2019