How to Decline Associate Contract but Navigate 2 Weeks until Bonus hits Bank?

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Being a promotion year, as I had my performance review and received my bonus number, I was also handed an associate contract.
I have already decided I want to leave, with a starting date one month after the date the bonus hits the bank.
However, as I will not be signing the associate contract (this would increase my notice period to 3m, which is not something my new employer is willing to accept), as soon as HR starts chasing me my team is going to figure out something doesnt smell right.
Should I just keep pushing back with excuses to HR or speak to my MD and explain him I need time to make a decision given I have another offer on the table (and hope I can buy 2 weeks that way)?

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Aug 17, 2017

Are you leaving for buy side or a competitor? Also, is your MD an asshole? If you're leaving for buy-side and you're well liked, any reasonable MD will understand and will help you out any way they can.

If you're leaving for a competitor, gets a bit tricky and depends on the situation. Might get shit on, but you will still be able to stick it out until bonus time without accepting the associate contract. They aren't going to fire you in the next two weeks unless you're a real asshole or you're really doing them dirty with where you're going.

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Aug 17, 2017