How to discuss deals experience when you dissented AGAINST an investment?

I've seen a lot of advice on here, mainly for bankers, on how to talk about your deals experience. Coming from a corporate strategy role in tech, I don't have much deals execution experience, but in addition to building investment cases for some broader cases, I've been involved in disproving/limiting the investment rationale for some deals put forward by the corporate development team. How might one discuss these on a resume? I imagine they're valuable -- avoiding bad deals or bad analysis:

1) Clarifying the investment case: showing the standalone case won't work given the price, true addressable market size and TARGET's economics: so instead TARGET would need to be thought of as a product enhancement to grow our existing business rather than as its own business case. Incidentally, we bought the company and after 2 years it has failed to clear this higher bar.

2) Convincing the M&A team/our large parent not to make an investment: showing the target's unit economics wouldn't support what we wanted to do with it.

Seeking advice on how to position this in a CV. Typically these "negative cases" were pretty quick: a week or two at most. Not asking about "affirmative cases" where I was getting my hands dirtier.

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Mar 4, 2018
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