How to evaluate a real estate investment company ?

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A real estate investment management company that invests in commercial real estate.
They have a reasonably detailed website in which they explain their philosophy/approach etc.

What questions will you ask in order to evaluate the company as a potential employer ?
The job is of a typical associate in the investment team doing modeling and analysis.

What questions you can ask them ?
What questions you can ask during your homework (for preparation) ?

Other than return statistics what will you look at ? Education and experience of partners - Yes. But what next ?

1) Who invests in you ? Who is your LP ?
2) What have been your returns in the past 3 years ? (Will this result in a ding ?)
3) ...
4) ...
5) ...

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Sep 15, 2011

cap rates, ltv ratios, equity..

Sep 15, 2011