How to find Bloomberg security codes for Bloomberg Excel Add-In?


I don't have access to a Bloomberg Terminal. But luckily my brother in law has. I would like to have some historic price data for indices like the ones of the MSCI Family (MSCI World, MSCI Europe and so on). To reduce the workload for him since he has to do it at work I would like to provide him an excel sheet with the formulas (=BDH(Security, Field, Start date, End date, option)) already set up so he just has to open it and save it with the downloaded data. I am struggling to find the security code for all those indices. What would be the code for the MSCI World Index Total Return Net or MSCI World Index Price? How can I find out those codes?

MSCI provides Bloomberg Tickers on their homepage: unfortunately I cannot post links

Also there is a Bloomberg symbol lookup homepage:
unfortunately I cannot post links

If you type in "MSCI World" it only finds ETFs but not the index itself. If you type in "MSCI" it finds at least the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index (MXAP:IND). If you type in any of the tickers from the MSCI homepage Excel sheet it doesn't find anything. If I type in MXWO as a guess for MSCI World it finds a lot of ETFs but not the index. Same for MXWO:IND, nothing to find.

So the question is, how can I find those securities codes for indices on Bloomberg without having a Bloomberg terminal?

P.S.: Cannot post the full hyperlinks due to forum restrictions.

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Jul 1, 2018 - 9:40am

The MSCI indices can be tricky to pull. You need certain BBG permissions/entitlements to pull most of them.

To find most of them use: msci world index bloomberg ticker search on google and the xlsx is like the third link. Keep in mind most of these are going to price return only and are going to be denominated in local ccy. you are going to need to convert it to USD if you want a true picture.

Also keep in mind for historical data you need to use the EOD tickers and not the real-time ticker. EOD is the official settlement. excel formula should be something like bdh("DLGAFEJH Index",px_last,start,end)...

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Jul 4, 2018 - 9:34pm

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