How to follow up on a promised interview?

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I met a c-suite guy from a big bank last summer where we had a great discussion about trading and some good books. After he told me to follow up when looking for an internship to get an interview.

Recently, I applied for a position online on the trading floor. Then I emailed him to follow up and attached my resume. I kid you not he responded within less than a minute and asked if I had applied to the bank. I said yes. And he just said to keep him posted.

Not sure how to go about keeping him posted. Does that mean I have an interview? And if I don't when do I follow up? If they hire another student for the position and I don't get an interview. Can I still get an interview?

Thank you

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Dec 4, 2018

Damn man, I don't know what to say besides just keep doing what you're doing and don't put your eggs in one basket.

For future reference, what you should have done was keep in contact with him over the past year periodically and then mention to him that you were thinking of applying to xyz bank and you wanted his guidance on how to proceed. That way he could have leveraged his connections inside more to help you. Now that so much time has passed it's a little less personal and he might feel less inclined to help. Hopefully I'm wrong and he pulls through for you.

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Dec 4, 2018

yeah, good point. I am kinda of writing him off but my only hope stems from the fact he wants an update.

But next week I will follow up via phone and where I will reference the books he told me to read. Then, I will ask if he can refer me to any manager looking for an intern?

Not sure if it comes off aggressive but what do I have to lose.


Dec 5, 2018

Ask him politely if he can spare a few minutes to have a coffee chat with you (that is, if you can meet physically in person). That way it's more personal and comes off less "needy" in the sense. During the coffee meeting you can tell him what you've been up to, what books you've read, where you applied, and then towards the end of the meeting either he will ask you or you will initiate and tell him exactly what it is you're seeking help with and see if he can be of assistance for you.

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Jan 22, 2019

Networking is like growing a crop, you don't plant the seed, do nothing, then come back when you need something to eat. You need to cultivate to make sure it grows.

Same with networking; you can't a connection one time, not cultivate it, then go back to the well for something you need. Keep reaching out, figure out how people can help, but also figure out how you can help that person.

Also, remember, unless its the CEO of the bank, they can get you an interview, but they can't get you the job. Banks are business, they need to hire the best candidate, not someone who isn't great for the role but knows some kind on the other side of the firm.

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Jan 22, 2019

Yeah, you are right. He owes me nothing at the very least I should have made sure to meet him when the interview was starting for the winter internship.

However, when we met he asked how I am doing. And I said just looking for jobs to do until I am back to school and that I am free until May. He said he would look for something. But all the people I spoke who are in hr at similar banks said they are done hiring for the winter.

But given he is a very high ranking executive in the bank it cuts both ways. Had I been in a position in looking for a summer internship I would for sure get. But because he is so high ranking he is disconnected from hr and the winter internship program.

Now I am trying to make the best out of it.

Jan 23, 2019

I always say do the leg work as far as you can. Meaning, say your friend worked at GS, don't network/give him your resume bc you "want to work at GS". Look into positions, tell him I applied to "X" job, because I like "X" sector or whatever. Makes it a little more proactive.

It's kinda like on shark tank when the ppl asking for money wants the sharks money and time.

Jan 22, 2019

Even if it was the CEO of the bank, it would put the CEO in an incredibly awkward position to force a junior hire. There have been C-suite reprimands in the past about nepotism / gray-area hiring practices. Best you can hope for is a kindly worded referral email from the senior exec to the HR team and then it's all up to you to impress from there.

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Jan 22, 2019

"Hey man - really enjoyed meeting you a while back. Now HOW BOUT DAT INTERVIEW?"

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Jan 23, 2019


"Hey man - really enjoyed meeting you a while back. Now HOW BOUT DAT JOB?"


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Jan 23, 2019

Good point. I was lacking that ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Jan 24, 2019

man banks move sketch, you're gonna get ur inty when its out. he's just keeping it mysterious. from personal experience and from what friends have done, it sounds like hes gonna get someone lower on the totem pole to hold ur hand through the process. Chin up son; don't stress :)

Jan 29, 2019

thanks. let's just say it worked out very very well and better than I could have hoped for.

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Jan 30, 2019