How to get into EB IB in Dubai?

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate your advice and guidance on the following 

My current stats; 

  • Engineering Undergraduate with low GPA, 72% with Major GPA of 80%
  • Passed CFA level 1 and sitting for 2 next May. Hopefully, I will take level 3 in November afterward.
  • A couple of months Asset Management internship. I did 1 year of Private Equity internship in a decent local, Egyptian, PE shop, and a 1-year full-time PE Analyst.
  • I will be joining IE next September, hopefully. 

If I was able to score decently, 3.7~3.8 in IE.

  1. Do you think I could get into EB IB in Dubai as a first-year Analyst?
  2. What would it be the best approach to get into the desired role and places? I am targeting Dubai because I am from the middle east originally and I don't have other passports" Sponsorship issues etc", or do you think I have chances in Europe?

I appreciate the advice. Thank you!

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Feb 5, 2021 - 4:39pm

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