How to get into private equity in the German Speaking World?

Hello, I am quite new in Finance and I still not sure in which area I would like to get into.However, I find equity research, investment analysis and financial markets analysis interesting.As a result, I would like to know if the university you went to is important in order to get into the industry in the German Speaking world (Specially Switzerland and Liechtenstein). I will summarize my background and experience:

I hold a bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Glasgow (UK).

Currently I am studying a master degree in Finance at the University of Aberdeen.However, I can study some extra 4 months in a German,Austrian or Swiss University. I think this is a good idea since Aberdeen University is not a target university. I decided to take the masters in Aberdeen because is part time so It let me get some work experience at the same time. I also know that I should take the CFA exam but right now I don't feel ready, I would like to finish my master first and to get some more experience.

Another option is to study an executive postgraduate certificate in Strategy and Finance in Oxford but they told me that they could consider my application if I have at least 4 years of experience.


I have 5 months experience in a sells job in Mapfre, Spain. Mapfre can be as big as Standard Life Aberdeen in the UK. In Mapfre I was a financial advisor so I was "selling" investment funds ,structured financial products and pension funds.

While I am studying my masters I am working in Zurich Insurance Group (Largest Insurance Company in Switzerland) in the UK as a business and product developer. I support the saving and pension scheme team in benchmark analysis.I also analyze ratios of pension funds and I compare products and solutions of competitors (pension funds,saving plans,unit linked).Furthermore, I help in the development of new products (unit linked, reverse morgues)

Languages: I speak Spanish (Native Language),English ,German and some Russian but my Russian is not that good.

Taking into my background. Is it possible to get into equity research,investment analysis or private equity with my background?. With which universities do you think I should do the exchange programme in order to get into the industry in the German Speaking World?. My options are University of Zurich, University of Basel,St Gallen University, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business,WHU and Mannheim.Even if is not in a German speaking country Bocconi ,ESADE and Stockholm School of Economics have the agreement with my current university. Personally I like Basel and Vienna because In those cities I would not have to spend in rent but I am not sure if Basel University is a good option.

Thank you for your advice.

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Jan 4, 2020 - 9:51am

For IB/PE jobs in Switzerland St. Gallen is far and away your best option. It is also probably tied for the top spot for the remaining Germanic offices. However, keep in mind that without being a native speaker (or equivalent), you will have a very hard time to be competitive, especially if the rest of your profile is not stellar.

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