How To Get Sponsored for Series 7, Will my Idea Work?

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Hey guys this is my 1st post here (so mods please move if it is in the wrong place)

I am currently working an admin job while studying for my SIE and then series 7 top off. My boss will sponsor me for the exam, but I am working a bit too long and not able to study enough. Plus he wants me to sell and push insurance policies (I have life and health license as well). I am not interested in Insurance and don't want to ruin my own personal connections, I want to save those until I am licensed and can offer any type of investment that would be more beneficial to them.

I am considering quitting and just studying for my SIE and then studying for my series 7 to be ready for when I find a sponsor. My main reason for wanting to leave my current job is the pushiness of insurance and having to soon basically cold call people. If I can't bring in people from my own network or calls, I will be pushed to join networking groups and then I will have even less time to study.

Is it possible that I can get hired by one of those MLM companies, such as Transamerica, and then take my series 7 right away and walk on them? Or will they force me to stay for a while before I can take my Series 7? Or force me to at least sell some policies. Anyone have any insight on this/done this? Will future employers also look at my resume and not like what happened or question me negatively on this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you