How to go from being cut at McKinsey BA intern 1st round to being hired full time at MBB?

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So, I recently got cut from 1st round interview for BA intern at McKinsey in the US (I think my school is a target since we send about 10 every year to McKinsey and there are info sessions). It was a little unfortunate that I made a math error and when my interviewer gave me another chance, I missed it again, showing that I could be a bit unorganized. In fact, the feedback I got from the rejection call from that very interviewer is that I could be more organized with how I write down the math.

Otherwise, I feel like I aced everything else (all that MECE and structuring and tailoring my answers to the specific case).

Has anyone ever gone from being cut 1st round for MBB internship to getting a full-time offer? Or if anyone has gone through a similar experience, I would just like to know what mental process you went through and how you prepared to ace the full-time interviews.

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Nov 2, 2017

Chin up buddy! Nail a good summer internship and try again :) Practice again over the summer. I'm in the same situation. Ping me again next April and let's run through cases.

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Jan 11, 2018

I didn't even get a first round interview for MBB internships my Junior year from a target school that sends a similar number to MBB every year. But now I'm a senior and just signed my full-time offer.

It's totally possible to get a full-time offer. For now, focus on keeping your grades up, and continue to be a leader in your clubs/activities. Try to land another good internship. It doesn't have to be in consulting, but preferably a F500 company that almost anyone has heard of, and make sure you have strong impact over the summer.

Come back in the Fall ready to try again!


Nov 13, 2017