How to know if i got the job?

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Hi, so i had a great interview with an IB last month. Ive been out of work for nearly 2 years now and as you can tell, getting this job means a lot to me. I had 5 rounds of interviews within a week and about 7 days ago hr called me and asked me when can i start, how much $$ i want etc. And advised me i was the preferred candidate but they did have 1-2 interviews scheduled. My status online is 'interviews completed'. I emailed the recruiter on thursday to ask for an update and she said they require me to email them my proof of address and some other paperwork. And nothing since. Im quite nervous about it all so i cant think anyone out there who might have a clue if this is a normal procedure before an offer? Or...what?
(And obviously still applying to other jobs...)

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Sep 6, 2017

Sounds like you got the job? Have you sent them what asked lol

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Sep 6, 2017

Lol. Truth is they asked for the paperwork during my first interview and i forgot to hand it to them. But i sent it on Friday! :p So its been a few days now.
I was thinking that maybe they need to do a credit check before they move forward?
I still havent received a verbal offer or anything really. And from my past experience, when they wanted to offer my the job, they did it the same day. Perhaps they found someone else in the meantime? cos they said they still had 1-2 more interviews

Sep 6, 2017

Truthfully, you're probably the alternate. If you got the job, they would have verbal offered you. It's obviously better than denying you though.

Sep 6, 2017