How to land a job after clearing cfa level 3 ?

Hi guys ,

I am into dilemma that few of you might have experienced. I have cleared CFA level 3. The problem is I have zero experience in field of finance. I have never ever worked as a finance professional.

I have worked in digital Marketing industry for last 4 years. I know from everything in Digial Marketing. I am best at it. It is so much fun to create marketing strategies , funnel , etc. So I do have work experience but irrelevant to financial industry.

So, I am looking for job in finance industry which pays decently. I am not expecting 6 figure salary or something. It should provide growth opportunity that I am looking for.

Also , I don't want to work as desk analyst. It is boring job. I want something that includes meeting with people. I like meeting new people.

My major interest in Finance is

Private equity/venture capital
Bond Market

It would be really if some of you guide me. What kind of job that I qualify for ? What kind of company that I should apply ? What kind of CV should I prefer?

It is so damn confusing . Any help is much appreciated.

Note: I am based India. I don't have any visas. So advice accordingly.


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