How to land a SA internship this summer (San Francisco/Bay Area)


I am a non-target MSF student and a CFA lvl II candidate trying to break into ER or IB within a year. I did not apply for the traditional SA internship positions because I thought my resume was not strong enough at the time. Now I have a quarter of my masters program under my belt (with a good GPA) and also an off-cycle VC internship with references. How should I go about landing an internship for this summer that can translate into a FT role? I am mostly interested in ER. Is it too late at this time of year to break into MM or boutique/regional banks or will there be more opportunities to apply? I know that networking is key, buy will it make a difference given that internship positions are already filled? I have been writing a few stock pitches and wanted to use them to network, but I am trying to figure out a constructive way to go about it. I have always shied away from networking because it almost seems that you are begging someone for help. I would like to deserve it and show that I can bring value to the table. Is there a more unique approach that I can utilize to land internships? What are my chances for FT recruitment if I land a more "mediocre" internship, such as corp strategy, credit analysis, valuations, or FP&A?

PS - Are there any websites besides google that show a list of investment firms in the area? I have used axial but not sure how helpful it is. I am located in the SF/Silicon Valley area.

Thank you for the help.

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Jan 10, 2019

Any help would be appreciated.

Jan 13, 2019