How to launch a career in FP&A,

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Hi guys,

What's your advice for someone like me trying to crack into and FP&A job, given my experience?
My background is in public account for about 4 years. Started as a short stint at Deloitte (was laid off in Jan 2008) then worked at a national firm.

I did private accounting as a senior accountant and now do glorified financial analyst role at a large insurance company, (its basically a financial reporting role.) I have my CPA for what it's worth.

I figured out a little late in the game that FP&A would be role I'm really into, so I'm curious what advice you'd all have for me.

Could I land a role based on my experience so far or would I have to land a job at large company and transfer into that role? Or should I try to look for smaller companies

Is there some sort of networking I could do to better position myself?

I know grad school is a possibility, but I feel as though I am in no-man's land with that one because I have sort of the experience but not exactly, meaning grad school could be a waste of money or an over-kill.


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Feb 6, 2017

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