How to list short term externships/insight weeks on your resume

Hi everyone!

While I'm not actively searching for another internship just yet - I did have a few questions on listing experiences that weren't "long-term". I'm interning full time this summer - but I also got accepted into a 2-day externship with an energy forecasting company that does economic & market research, as well as an insight week offer from a financial software company later in the summer.

While I'm hoping to get an offer for an internship from the latter post insight week (fingers crossed) - I still would like some advice about listing these programs on my resume. While I have two regular internships already listed, the short-term ones are from more prestigious companies - which is why I think it's important to list them.

Should I have them along with my previous professional experiences or create a separate section on my resume for them?

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Jun 6, 2018