How to network during events you wouldn't fit?

Let's assume you're out of the IB space, a different city from yours, but you went to an event where the average age is 10-20 years higher than your owns. There are a lot of 'important' people in their verticals, but you don't know them, though you've heard of them, wyd?
More specifically: you're mid 20s, IB in NYC, you're on a trip in San Francisco and a tech convention is in, you decide to join bc you can enhance your ppl portfolio, and you never know if this diversification could lead to extra returns... you see Marc Andreessen talking to another partner at a16z, you see some ppl have talked to him and he's very friendly, you have a spot to go and say hi, but after that you don't have nothing really important to say... wyd?
Should you aim to go to the most famous? (they're usually busy)
Should you aim to go to talk to someone who looks your age? (they're usually not busy cause young people are always undervalued in these events)
Should you aim to go and talk to people with absolutly no planification? Then why tf did you went to the event in the first place?
Should you talk to money hungry women who go to these events? mmm...

Tell me your thoughts. It may be useless, it may be that it's morally wrong to you, but I'd do it anyway...

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Apr 5, 2019