How to position myself for Full Time IB offer in the fall 2019?

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Going into my senior fall this upcoming semester I am looking to land a FT IB offer for when I graduate. To give a little background, I am currently a Junior finance major at a semi-target school near a hub with a 3.72 GPA hopefully a 3.8 for the fall. I have had an internship in the finance division of a F500 company and an internship with a small financing company in which I I got to additionally work with a one man private investment bank in which I would shadow the process but was only able to be hands in involved on pitching the investments. I am late to the party of IB recruiting in general because I wasn't fully aware of what it was and what it did and that it was what I wanted to do until I was able to work along side this private investment bank in the past few months. I didn't recruit at all as a junior for IB obviously as it wasn't really on my radar but now going into my junior summer I am wondering if I can still pull this off and land a full time offer in the fall.

This summer is still up in the air on what I am doing as I am talking with a few small PE firms and banks to see if I can help them at all this summer as well as waiting to hear back from a industry-specific, decently sized, valuation firm. I am not sure what will better position me so that is why I am here to ask what I should be trying to do this summer in regards to internships as well as networking to prepare myself for the fall.

Another option is for me to take on another major or minor to make myself stay an extra semester therefore letting me recruit for internships this upcoming fall rather than full time as I know many banks give out more internship offers than full time. But I would rather not waste the money on the time staying an extra semester if it is really not needed for what I want to do.

Any advice or thoughts are helpful, thank you.

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Mar 5, 2019

I'm truly not trying to be an asshole, but you know Investment Banking isn't "pitching investments" right?

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Mar 5, 2019