I was just invited to interview with PwC for their summer internship program for juniors in technology consulting/advisory. I'm finishing up an internship with them right now that's open to sophomores so this is basically an exit interview for next summer.

For those who are unfamiliar with PwC's case interview, it's a 48 hour case (they send the case 48 hrs in advance, then tell you the question the day of and give you 45 mins to draw up slides to "present" your solution.)

I have realistically spent ~10-15 hours total prepping for case interviews so far -- closer to 20-25 if you include time spent watching the Victor Cheng YT videos/LOMS. However, I feel that traditional case prep will not necessarily directly transfer over to this type of interview.

I am looking for advice regarding how to prepare for this specific type of interview. If anyone has practiced for 24/48 hour cases it would be extremely valuable for me to hear your experience. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome, thanks.

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