How to prepare for due diligence interview at Big4?

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Hello everyone!

I just got an offer from one of the Big4 to participate in the interview session for financial due diligence position. They said that they just set up new program that let you have both audit and FDD position at the same time (switching role every specific period of time; in this case you will also get the CPA). However, I (soon-to-graduate) have to compete with other auditors in the firm for the position.

I am really interested in this position but feel kind of lost in preparation for the interview.
Could anyone please help in suggesting books or articles that might be useful?

FYI : my major is accounting so I might need to brush up on basic finance as well.
They said that it will be group interview. Currently there are around 10 candidates, and they want 4...

Thank you in advance

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Nov 10, 2017

please help

Apr 10, 2018

I am in the same situation right now and don't know what to expect. Could you please share your experience?

Jun 26, 2018