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I am in the process of interviewing with a Boutique Bank that provides Project Finance service. I have been asked to respond to a set of questions and one of them is asking a summary of my project finance transactional experience. While I have no professional experience at all in project finance, I did take corporate finance and IB courses where I learnt modelling, financial analysis and valuation skills.
How should I go about responding to this question? Should I write about my academic experience with financial analysis and of my willingness to learn?

Thanks in advance.

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Sep 19, 2010

One way would be to show that modeled without actually working for anyone would be to say if you modeled a stock. You don't actually have to buy a stock, but if you make up a portfolio, research three companies or so using whatever you learned in class (like current ratio, EV/EBITDA, DCF). This would be a great way to show that you have taken what you've learned in class and tried to apply it in real life.

Sep 19, 2010

Just write about your academic experiences and at a high level walk through a thought process for how to approach a project finance analysis. I'm pretty sure project finance has nothing to do with modeling stocks and more to do with modeling the NPV of an investment in a project within a company. Obviously there are some parallels (the price of the stock as the project investment, and the projected cash flows from the stock as the returns from the project), but if you only talked about stock, if I were your interviewer, I'd think you were missing the point a little bit.

  • vanillathunder12
  •  Sep 19, 2010