How to seem genuine in an interview?

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Hi all,

I'm currently interviewing for roles and I'm having trouble coming across as genuine when I give my cookie cutter answers. I think its a combination of nerves along with the fact that I'm inexperienced with interviews. Based on your experience, what's the best way to showcase personality yet remain humble and show that you have a good understanding of how important it is to fit in.

Need some pointers on how I can seem more genuine moving forward and I'm open to anything you guys have to say!


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Jun 12, 2019

Just be yourself.

Jun 12, 2019

Networking helps you get more comfortable talking to people. If I hadn't spoken to dozens of people over the phone and the first time that I spoke with a banker was during an interview I'd have failed all of my interviews. Other piece of advice is to tell stories. If they ask why investment banking don't say you like the meritocratic environment, getting, challenged, or any of that cookie cutter bs. Tell a story. I wanted to do medicine. Did an internship, didn't like it,. but still found it interesting, now I want to do healthcare IB. There's a lot more nuance but to stay anonymous I won't get into it.

With technicals, they want to know if you did your homework, and you can recite it exactly from the M&I 400. When it comes to behaviorals and why our firm, that is when you need to be personal. And again, tell a story. If you're interviewing at GS/MS/Evercore/etc don't say you want to work there because it is the best firm. They know that and they know you know that. Tell them how you sent email after email only to get 1 response and how that person forwarded you to another and them another. Tell them you had to work hard to discover the firm and that once you did the culture appealed to you. talk to them about the trip you made to NY solely to meet these people in person.


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Jun 12, 2019