How To Shift from Risk Management to Hedge Funds? HELP

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Hi everyone, I am very new to Wall Street Oasis, and have decided to join the community for some advice/second opinion.

I am currently on my second year as an Institutional Credit Risk Management Associate in a renowned multinational bank, and I would like to know how I can make the shift to Hedge Funds or Private Equity.

For context, I was previously a Relationship Associate for Institutional Clients for 3 years and I decided to delve into Credit Risk for a more manageable schedule while I complete my CFA exams. Currently, I am about to take the LIII, and am thinking how I can actually get the attention of Hedge Funds/PE companies if/once I get my charter this year. I also have a Master's degree in International Business, but not from an Ivy League institution (the school is relatively unknown). Any idea on what I can do, apart from work on my charter, at least?

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Feb 22, 2018