How To Spot An Epic Trade: The £ And Asiana Airlines

Just like the crash landing in San Francisco yesterday, the £ had a similar incident in '92. Just as the two associated fatalities are an unfortunate outcome of the crash, a similarly tragic event unfolded at the British Treasury. They say when there's smoke, there's fire, and George Soros saw smoke in British economic policy and the result...$1B+ profit and a busted BoE! After some scientific research last week on Youtube, I managed to uncover a documentary that explains how Soros capitalized on this black swan event. So, read on to see the "concept" behind how to spot an epic trade of your own...

This week's post is short and sweet. It's a video about Black Wednesday brought to you by MoneyAndFinance. Be sure to check out their channel as they have a variety of educational and news resources about investments, investing, banking, and transactions. It seems like it has some good stuff, otherwise enjoy the show...

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