How to stop using the F word and manage temper?

Hi Monkeys,

Over recent months and WFH I got so emotionally involved with work that often when I get a follow-up "minor comments" or "small adjustments" from my beloved VP or the MBA Associate, I curse out loud with "F word" or hammer the desk with my fists.

This habit wouldn't be that bad as it helps me to go from v01 to v126 of the same deck over the weekend, often with highly value add comments such as changing style of CAGR arrows or re-designing the same page for the 5th time. However, as we are about to return to the office, to which I never have been as a COVID-19 Analyst class member, it starts being exceedingly problematic.

How do you deal with temper while getting emails that drive you crazy from a person sitting within 10-meter radius from you?

Hoping for your help, desperate 1st year Analyst.

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