I'm considering double majoring in econ/math or finance/math as I've been told that an econ or business major is considered too light on quant to be hired by a hedge fund.

I'm not the best at math but have put in a ton of time trying to improve in calculus in order to improve my critical thinking ability and to prove to myself that I can successfully pass difficult classes/challenges.
In order to major in math I'll at least have to take calc II, calc III/IV, linear algebra, differential equations, complex analysis, geometry or topology and a couple stats classes (such as calc based probability).
I was hoping that I could be spared some tips in regards to doing well in Differential/Integral calculus and other math courses (seeing how common econ/math majors are at targets and lacs) as I'd like to at least maintain a 3.7 GPA going forward.

Thanks in advance.

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Practice till you can't think straight no more. Calculus is super easy, as long as you practice your ass off

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also, NONONONONONONO, DONT MAJOR AT MATH. FOR FUCK'S SAKE. PLEASE. Unless you are incredibly gifted at it, stay away from analysis, etc. Averages are C- in most math classes above calc 1 and 2 and lin. alg (which are both very easy) .... like, people study their asses off to just pass. So ya, unless you find calc 1 and 2 (multivariable) and lin alg to be a breeze, dont touch 3rd and 4th year math


Doing well in Math is easy in theory but tough in practice. I can guarantee an A if you follow these steps:

  1. Read the textbook material before the lecture.
  2. Go to every lecture.
  3. Take selective notes, focus more on the professor and the problem-solving in lecture.
  4. Do all the homework early, and go to office hours for any difficulty.
  5. Re-do homework and practice problems before exams.
  6. Search online for past midterms and finals.

This is easy to type but tough to carry out - best of luck.

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Besides office hours, if your school offers peer tutoring, take advantage of it. Saved my ass freshman year.


PatrickJMT/khan academy and cramster are apparently also helpful as well. Does anyone know anything about these sites?


Cramster was acquired by Chegg. It is super legit. The site provides completely solved homework solutions to most problems in most textbooks. Provided your book is on the site, every one of your hw assignments will be flawless. But, if you don't understand the material you are covering, an exceptional hw grade will not make-up for poor exam scores.

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