So I need some advice on how to treat the internship topic in an informational interview.

Some background, I emailed an alum of my school at MS PWM asking for a brief conversation, he agreed, so I called him up and it went well. When I asked him about things I could do now to prepare myself for a career in finance he brought up the internship and talked about it quite a bit. He even sort of interviewed me a little bit. Towards the end he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee to continue the conversation.
So I'm meeting with him Monday, and not quite sure how to treat the internship topic. I suspect it may come up on its own, but if it doesn't should I bring it up? He's obviously shown some interest in me, should I just come right out and ask if he needs an intern? Or I could be more subtle and say something like, "Last time you mentioned an internship as an important opportunity for someone in my position, do you have any advice on how to go about this search/how to position myself for one." That way I could bring the topic up without being too forthright. Or I could ask about opportunities at his firm in a follow-up email and skip the topic altogether (assuming he doesn't bring it up).

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itll come up naturally.. if not just ask how to position yourself for an interview

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