How well are structures paid in the industry?

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I have heard that structuring role generally earns the highest in IB. Similar info can be found from here :
investment-banking-salaries-and-bonuses-for-23-year-olds-and-40-year-olds-by-job (under efinancialcareers website)

To clarify, structurers in an IB generally help customers to design a transaction that satisfies a client's needs, puts that transaction into effect, and also ensures that the concerns of all the stakeholders are met. They work with clients whose needs are more complex - for whom there's no readily available product on the market. They bundle up products like swaps and options, maybe coupling with other investment products to design a new product for the customers' niche needs. These people are like the engineers of the market. They work closely with sales people in the room by identifying clients' needs to come out the products. Sometimes they got to trade products on their own, or they explain to traders the technicalities behind the products so to teach them.

So my question is: Is structuring role, of all other IB departments, paid the highest ? Anyone knows how much the top tier banks pay their structuring team?