How will an IT internship at a local BB look on my resume if I want to pursue a career at an MBB?

Hi people. I am a fresh high school graduate that will be pursuing my undergraduate studies in Information Management for Business (BSc) at University College London (UCL). I have an offer to do my first internship at a local BB (one of the biggest security company in Indonesia, my country) in their IT department during my holiday period before attending university, and I would like to know if this would help me get into MBB either during my time at university (internships) or even after I graduate. Would the fact that its not in IB hurt me? I do enjoy both the IT and IB field so I believe its just a matter of personal branding. Would doing IT make MBBs think I wont be a fit for them when I apply to them in the future (thinking Accenture, etc would be better for me)? For extra information, I do have side projects in technology and have interned at the place a couple months ago albeit it being only for 1 week, so I believe that wouldn't count..

Please do share insights as you will as I am really interested in pursuing MBB internships and maybe internships in the tech industry (to have variance) during my study period in London. Your insights would mean a whole lot to me.

Many thanks in advance.