How Would Corp Dev W/O IB Experience Look for MBA PE Recruiting?

How Would Corp Dev W/O IB Experience Look for MBA PE Recruiting?

A friend is working at an F100 tech co and has the opportunity to move from Partnerships to Corp Dev. Hypothetically if he were to get into an M7 program, would Corp Dev experience still allow him to recruit for PE shops even if he was never an investment banker?

Please leave your thoughts below. Interested in all insights.

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Jun 4, 2021 - 6:21pm

Even if you have just IB experience and get into an M7 program, it's very unlikely you'll get a PE job. Firstly PE recruiting has a drop off after H/S, and a major drop off after W, so you need top 3, not just M7. Next, the overwhelming majority of PE seats get filled by people who did PE pre-MBA. So even the IB people don't have a huge chance. With just corp dev it'll be really tough. What I'd recommend is looking into niche LMM funds. So, for example, if you did corp dev in healthcare, look for a LMM healthcare PE fund and you may have a chance there.

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